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Stew Getting the Old Gang Back Together

May 20, 2008 By now we’ve all heard the story. WVU was one win over mega-rival Pitt away from playing for (and maybe even winning) a football national championship last December. more »»

The Streets Are Empty, the Bars Are Not

May 20, 2008 The streets are officially near empty in Huntington as the town has officially faced the mass exodus of University closing. I refuse to complain on several grounds. more »»

‘Good Luck Exploring the Infinite Abyss!’

May 12, 2008 That line from “Garden State,” bellowed from Andrew Largeman to an excavator, is as close as it comes to exploring post-graduation life. more »»

The Mother Truckers More than a Good Name

May 7, 2008 The Mother Truckers have that rare band name — something instantly memorable and timeless. more »»

Todd Burge — W.Va.’s Musical Renaissance Man

May 7, 2008 Parkersburg’s Todd Burge is a singer/songwriter who has really made a name for himself. more »»

Charlie Kenney — To Nashville and Back Home

May 7, 2008 Short Gap, W.Va.’s Charlie Kenney grew up loving Outlaw Country music É and that’s what he sings today. He would sing “anywhere and anytim. more »»

Fairmont’s Got the Blues with Dennis McClung

May 7, 2008 Musician Dennis McClung is proud to live in the same town as Chuck Berry’s original pianist, the late Johnnie Johnson: Fairmont. more »»

Atmosphere Album One of His Best

May 7, 2008 “When Life Hands You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” Atmosphere *** Download this: “Can’t Break,” “Me,” “Puppets” Slug/Sea... more »»

The Best Mustaches in the Music Business

April 22, 2008 If you are a guy you can pretend like what you grow on your face doesn’t matter but it does. It says something about yo. more »»

You’re Free to be Steve

April 22, 2008 Steve Free—even the name sounds majestic. Yet, if all that the man had was a name, I would not waste a word of your time. more »»

April Showers and Air Guitars with Poobah

April 22, 2008 Tonight we head north for Zanesville, Ohio. It is about 45 minutes from Columbus. more »»

Tales From the Studio

April 10, 2008 The New Relics have taken what has probably been the longest vacation in seven years—a whole week and a half without playing music in front of (hopefully) adoring fans. I know ... more »»

Pauly Shore Buu-ddies Up to Graffi-ti

April 8, 2008 Pauly Shore, aka The Weasel, aka Buu-ddy, has grown up. Really he’s trying. OK, not really. more »»

Larry Pancake Taking the Country Road

April 8, 2008 Larry Pancake was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. Now he rocks it out all over the tri-state are. more »»

Folk Art and Beyond

April 8, 2008 By Patrick Dolan Karri Roberts is fine where she stands in Morgantown. more »»

Because I’m Older and Know What I’m Talking About

April 8, 2008 Here’s a thought. “The Moon in Antarctica” by Modest Mouse has been out for eight years. more »»

Spoon Leads Indie Rock Rise, Loves Margaritas

March 26, 2008 Save for a handful of bands — the Shins, Modest Mouse — no other band has perhaps more signified indie rock's rise to mainstream success more than Spoon. more »»

Rock ’N Roll is No Match for Mother Earth

March 26, 2008 Our musical journey takes us through some crazy times. Sometimes it’s the people, the places ... or then there’s mother nature. more »»

Rocking the Pub, with Yuengling on Tap

March 26, 2008 In the last installment of “Tales From the Road,” I briefly mentioned a Harrisonburg, Va., club called “The Pu. more »»



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